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Idioms - C

Call (It's your call):

Choice, decision.

Listen, I don't wanna interfere. It's your call.


Call a spade a spade:

To speak the honest truth to someone even if it's hard for the other person to hear.

Even though he is my rival, I have to call a spade a spade. He played really well last night!



Can't Wait For:

Very excited.

I can't wait for the new roller coaster to debut! It looks awesome!

Chew someone out:

Discipline someone verbally.

My boss chewed me out for losing the sale. 


Close call:

To nearly miss or escape a big problem or disaster.

That was a close call, but the truck missed hitting our car by inches!


Comes with the Territory (also Goes with the Territory):  

It happens in those situations.   

Being a teacher, learning constantly comes with the territory.


Crack Someone Up:

To make a person laugh.

That comedian always cracks me up!


Cross Your Fingers:

Hope something turns out well. Wish for good luck.

I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you to do well.


Crunch Time: 

Last minute. Need to do something now! (See:Down to the Wire) 

The test is tomorrow. It's crunch time. 


Cup Of Joe:

Cup of coffee.

Wanna go get a cup of joe?


Cut to the Chase:

Only talk about what’s important, skip the rest.

Cut to the chase dude, I’m tired.


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