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Idioms - C


Call (It's your call):

Choice, decision.

Listen, I don't wanna interfere. It's your call.


Call a spade a spade:

To speak the honest truth to someone even if it's hard for the other person to hear.

Even though he is my rival, I have to call a spade a spade. He played really well last night!


Call it a day:

To stop working for the rest of the day.

Let's call it a day. I'm too tired to continue.


Call the shots:

To make all the important decisions.

Don't blame me. My boss is the one who calls all the shots.


Calm before the storm:

An unusually quiet or peaceful period before something chaotic or destructive happens.

Don't be fooled by the quiet, empty classrooms the morning before the first day of school. That's just the calm before the storm!


Cannot stomach something/someone:

Cannot handle or tolerate something or someone.

I cannot stomach her jokes. They're so rude!


Can't Wait For:

Very excited.

I can't wait for the new roller coaster to debut! It looks awesome!

Cat got your tongue?:

Why aren't you talking?

Why are you so quiet? Cat got your tongue?


Catch one's breath:

To let your breathing slow down to a normal rate.

I just finished running 3 miles. Let me catch my breath, and then we'll talk!


Chew someone out:

Discipline someone verbally.

My boss chewed me out for losing the sale. 


Close call:

To nearly miss or escape a big problem or disaster.

That was a close call, but the truck missed hitting our car by inches!


Comes with the Territory (also Goes with the Territory):  

It happens in those situations.   

Being a teacher, learning constantly comes with the territory.


Crack Someone Up:

To make a person laugh.

That comedian always cracks me up!


Cross Your Fingers:

Hope something turns out well. Wish for good luck.

I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you to do well.


Crunch Time: 

Last minute. Need to do something now! (See:Down to the Wire) 

The test is tomorrow. It's crunch time. 


Cup Of Joe:

Cup of coffee.

Wanna go get a cup of joe?


Cut it out:

Stop doing that.

Cut it out! Stop making fun of me!


Cut to the Chase:

Only talk about what’s important, skip the rest.

Cut to the chase dude, I’m tired.


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