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Testimonials: What Students Say

What do our students say about their English classes? We asked a few of them for candid responses, which we've posted below--unabridged and unedited!


Students and their learning needs are our distinct focus. In fact, we feel strongly enough to guarantee that every ESL student will see results and will be happy with their teacher. Our business is all about personal relationships with our students, and we make sure that every one of our tutors cultivates close, trusting relationships. We get to know each and every one of our students in order to provide them with the help they need. Our tutors do not teach from impersonal textbooks or general curriculums. We seek to waste as little time as possible helping you to learn English quickly and without stress or boredom.


But don't just take our word for it. Read the unabridged testimonials below! 


Testimonials and Reviews

"Hi Everyone!! I want to introduce you to my English teacher. His name is Josh Shaman, and he has helped me to reach my goals in just a short time! I actually bought classes from him to practice and learn conversational English, but I've also expanded my English vocabulary a lot! Josh always tries to make a convenient schedule with me during my free time. I want to encourage and persuade everyone to start to learn from him. Afterwards, you can thank me!"

~Laura, Italy


"Skype English Class Now is very convenient, and my teacher is great and funny! I have fun learning about a variety of different topics in our lessons. I've also learned lots of new vocabulary including idioms and slang The classes help me to improve my fluency and pronunciation skills. Overall, I feel much more confident when I speak English."

~Kulwadee, Thailand



 "We thank you for the improvement in Sam's speaking and reading skills in English! Joy had fun developing her English conversation skills for the last few months!"

~Josh Kim, South Korea

(About his children's classes.)




"Lessons with Josh Shaman are very interesting and fun! I decided to take Skype classes because I needed to practice speaking. Learning with Josh, I am developing my fluency and vocabulary. Another point to mention is that Josh is flexible with me, so I can choose a suitable time and date. Josh is always available to help me when I have questions about our studies!" 

~Zhan, Kazakhstan



In Korea, there are piles of school work for children to do, so they tend to lose interest in their classes. However, you lead the courses with great enthusiasm and skill, so Esther is always eager for class to begin, even on days before big tests.

Esther and I speak English together for her practice, and she always uses the new vocabulary you've taught her, especially when she tells me what she has learned with you. There are so many different issues she learns from you about life and culture. Having you as teacher gives her a window to the world!" 

~Ruth, South Korea

(About her daughter Esther's classes)







Join ESL students around the world who learn at Skype English Class Now and love our online school! 




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