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Improve My Pronunciation

Everyone including you wants to develop fluency and sound more like a native English speaker, but maybe you're not sure how to improve your pronunciation. There's no magic potion or any other instant fix. However, if you follow the advice outlined below, with practice and effort, you'll see serious results. 


1. Talk with Native English Speakers - This provides you the chance to hear the way they interact. That's a lot better than every other option.  


2. Compare Your Voice to Native English Speakers - This can be accomplished in person with them, or by listening to a recording of yourself and comparing it. Every language sounds different, and it's likely that you speak English the way your native language sounds. Make corrections as needed!


3. 'Wait, how do I make the sounds?' - It's great to compare your voice to native speakers' voices, but what if you can't make the same sounds? Check out our guide How to Make Consonant Sounds that provides instructions and videos. It will teach you where to move your tongue and how to shape your lips. It will be helpful to use a mirror!


4. Understand Word Stress - In English, words each have one syllable that is stronger than the others; it's called the stressed syllable. Learn word stress and apply it to your pronunciation.


5. Have Fun! - Whether you do this by talking, singing, making funny stories or any other way, just have fun in English. Don't be embarrassed or shy that your pronunciation isn't perfect. Instead, focus on fun and improvement will follow.

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